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Flip Flop Reviews, Info and Buyer’s Guide

Flip flops are fantastic for that foot freedom and fresh feet feel. Funky, flexible, fun and friendly, a flip flop is exactly what you need for your feet during a vacation, at the beach, by the pool, or even at home. That’s a lot of Fs in two sentences. And to help you avoid saying another F word when you get a bad pair of flip flops, Flash Flip Flops is here to guide you in selecting the best flip flops for you. You can also read flip flop reviews.

flip flop reviews

What Are Flip Flops?

They are also known as thongs and slaps. The term “flip flop” was created to describe the slapping sound they provide when walked in. They are a type of open footwear simply consisting of a foot base or sole, and a Y-shaped strap or thong that stretches across the top of the foot, and between the toes with a post. Alternatively, some types of flip flop may use a single strap across.

Flip flops are a popular type of footwear for a number of reasons. They are versatile and come in a variety of styles to be worn at any event. They are the perfect accessory for casual outings or even some formal occasions. They are ideal for use in warm environments, since their open style allows your feet to remain cool and sweat-free. Their simplicity of use is appealing to many, allowing you to step in, or step out of them immediately. Of course, they are comfortable and relatively inexpensive.

They are made from a number of materials, depending on their intended use. Outerwear flip flops may be manufactured using firmer materials for extra durability. They can be made using foam, rubber, plastic, leather and fabric.

Flip Flop Buying Guide

Do you really need a buying guide for flip flops? Yes! There are many things to consider before purchasing a pair, especially if you are looking for particular types or features. Here are some points to think about:

· Size – Of course the first important point is the size. Keep in mind your flip flop size may be different to your standard shoe size. Where possible, look out for manufacturer sizing guidelines

· Fit – With fitting, ensure that your foot does not overhang the flip flop at all when standing still. Expect some movement of the foot whilst walking. Flip flops that are too tight may rub against the top of your foot. Too loose and you may find yourself constantly adjusting your feet to prevent slipping. Also make sure the toe post does not cause irritation

· Type, durability, flexibility and firmness – If you intend to wear a pair outdoors mostly, a firmer sole with extra traction and grip may be suitable. If you want an indoor pair, a soft footbed may be necessary. Overall your foot should be able to bend naturally without the flexibility of the flip flop impacting movement

· Comfort – Foot comfort is subjective and will vary for everyone. Generally, comfortable flip flops will have a soft but supportive footbed. Pay attention to your foot arch, and decide if you need a pair with arch support. If you require optimal support, the insole should be almost fully in contact with your foot sole. Also consider the depth of the heel in the footbed, which can help with stability and support

· “Break in” period – Most new pairs will need to be worn for a certain period of time before your feet will feel fully comfortable. The amount of time will vary depending on the type of flip flops you have and the materials used to make them. Keep this in mind before you return a brand new pair of flip flops!

· Availability and price – They are widely available in most stores at all price ranges. Generally, some higher cost flip flops will have better durability and comfort, especially those with supportive footbeds.

· Styles and colors – Please note that many of the flip flops recommended on this website are offered in multiple colors and style.

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