Best Under Armour Flip Flops and Sandals Guide

Best Under Armour Flip Flops and Sandals Guide

Under Armour has been around since 1996. However, it was only 10 years after its inception when the company decided to offer sports footwear. With their main headquarters located in Baltimore, Maryland, the company has expanded to different parts of the world including Canada, Baltimore, China, Tokyo, and Indonesia to name a few.

The company made its first big break in the movie Any Given Sunday. The ad placement generated close to $750,000 in sales and made them the brand that they are today. From what began from Kevin Plank’s basement, the company is now offering different types of footwear for different sports. Among its athletes include Stephen Curry, Dwayne Johnson, and Tom Brady among many others.

The company has led the industry in terms of research and developing stylish products for both athletes and non-athletes alike. Recently, the company has been providing wide variety of sandals and slippers for both men and women. Please find 3 of the best men’s and women’s Under Armor footwear products reviewed below.

Top 3 Men’s flip flops by Under Armour

1. Under Armour Men’s Ignite Slides Review

Made of synthetic material, Under Armour Men’s Ignite Slides is a comfortable slip on slide sandal that has adjustable strap and features HeatGear Fabric lining. The purpose of this proprietary fabric is to get rid of sweat and make sure that you stay comfortable while using the Under Armour Ignite Slides.

It is also comfortable to use regardless if you are walking down the beach, or simply walking around the gym after a tough workout. It makes use of 2 layer 4D foam footbed that allows cushion on your feet. It also follows the contour of your feet which makes it an ergonomic option for men. It aso has traction pods and EVA outsole.

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2. Under Armour Men’s UA Atlantic Dune Sandals Review

Another great option from Under Armour is the Atlantic Dune Sandals. It is a stylish design made by Under Armour which matches their board shorts for those who plan to hit the beach. This footwear is a great choice for someone who plans to have a laid back look especially on a summer day. It is also a durable product considering that it was tested by the company’s strict quality control.

Made of synthetic material, it makes use of fast-drying TPU strap which gives you comfort when used even during the hot days. It also has ultra-cushioned footbed which makes it a great footwear regardless if you are walking on the beach, or on the street.

Unfortunately, don’t be surprised if the design of the Under Armour Atlantic Dune Sandals is a bit small for its size. This has been the most common complaint of its customers. However, it doesn’t create blisters in between your toes which makes this sandals a good choice.

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3. Under Armour Men’s UA Locker Slides Review

One of the things that make the UA Locker Slides is its one-piece performance molded design. What makes this particular footwear stand out is the fact that you don’t have to worry about a velcro that is going to get worn out, or pieces that will break. It is made of one piece lightweight EVA material which could make it a perfect footwear not only for your locker room during or after shower, but can also be used on your day at the beach.

It makes use of footbed that allows the foot to be comfortable walking on different surfaces. It has an outsole that is designed to transport water away from the foot minimizing chances of sweat build up, or developing fungal infection.

It isn’t also slippery even when used on wet surfaces. This means that it is the perfect footwear for different scenarios such as a shower area. In terms of aesthetics, it has different colors to choose from, not to mention it looks stylish in appearance. Unfortunately, this footwear is a bit small for its size and could be a bit tight on top of your foot.

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Top 3 Women’s Flip Flops by Under Armour

1. Under Armour Women’s Marbella V Sandals Review

Under Armour is also exploring the women’s market providing sandals specific for women’s feet. Under Armour produced sandals that are known to be stylish and durable at the same time. One example of which is the Under Armour Marbella V Sandals.

The Under Armour Marbella V Sandals is available in variety of colors. This allows women to choose from different colors ranging from plain black to pink. This allows you to match it with your mood and your fashion. It is made of EVA foam material which makes it soft on your feet.

It also has a performance synthetic strap with foam lining to provide comfort on your feet regardless if you are walking on the road or on the beach. It also has the Under Armour Performance 4D Foam that cushions your every step.

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2. Under Armour Women’s UA Power in Pink Ignite VII Slides Review

A lot of women knew the Under Armour Pink Ignite VII Slides for its commitment towards cancer research and innovation. It has committed $10 million all while providing comfortable footwear for women’s feet.

Perfect for women with vibrant personalities, the UA Power in Pink Ignite VII Slides is an ergonomic and stylish footwear perfect for different kinds of surfaces. It also makes use of the Signature HeatGear strap that helps get rid of sweat and guarantees the foot to be dry especially when used in humid locations.

Aside from its style, it also offers support on your feet thanks to the high performance 4D foam. Part of its design is the anatomic contours that provide cushioning on the feet especially when you are walking on hard surface.

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3. Under Armour Women’s UA Lakeshore Drive Sandals Review

The UA Lakeshore is a feminine and stylish footwear that is perfect for women who are looking for a lightweight footwear that they can wear on their casual days on the beach or walking elsewhere. It is made of durable leather and molded rubber which makes it a top option for those who are looking for a durable but stylish footwear that they can wear in different occasions.

Thess slippers stand out because of durable traction pods that allow you to walk without worrying about slipping even on a wet surface. It also has anatomical contours that can support the feet well.

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