Top 3 Pali Hawaii Sandals and Flip Flops

Top 3 Pali Hawaii Sandals and Flip Flops

Pali Hawaii is a stand out company that has been designing sandals and slippers since 1983. They’ve been known as the Hawaiian brand that has provided comfortable and stylish footwear over the past three decades.

Their unique style has been able to cater to both men and women who love the Hawaiian and beach culture. The company invested in creating stylish, yet functional options that are loved by many. Their footwear is not only popular for people who love going to the beach, but also for those who love to walk around comfortably without the restrictive cover on their feet.

They’ve created a number of products such as the Jandals which are known for different parts of the world. Here are 3 of the highest rated Pali Hawaii footwear that we’ve reviewed below:

1. Pali Hawaii Jesus Sandal Review
One of the best products from Pali is the Hawaii Jesus Sandal. As the name suggests, it does look like a footwear from the biblical times. It does look like a leather footwear but don’t be fooled by its appearance. It is actually made of synthetic rubber which makes this product the perfect footwear for the beach and different scenarios like walking on hard surface. It is also easy to clean.

It has weave pattern straps that allows your feet to not slip especially when walking on wet surface. It allows you to walk comfortably without the danger of losing your slippers especially when you feel the sea touch your feet as you walk on the sand. And since it isn’t made of leather or synthetic leather material, you have no fear that it will have a foul smell once it gets wet.

This particular footwear is also ergonomically designed. It has been considered by individuals with deformities such as bunion as the perfect footwear that they can rely. The footwear has been designed wide enough that it doesn’t cause pain on people with this condition.
In addition to this, it offers arch support and soft flexible sole which allows you to walk long hours with the Pali Hawaii Jesus Sandals without a problem. In addition to this, the Pali Hawaii Jesus Sandals also have the air pocket footbed which guarantees that you don’t feel uncomfortable as it minimizes the impact on your feet.

One complaint that people get from the Pali Hawaii Jesus Sandal is that it is a bit small for its size. It is suggested to get a half a size higher if you plan on getting the perfect fit. Also, it may look a bit darker than what is seen in the image.

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2. Pali Hawaii Jesus Buckle Sandal Review
Designed in Hawaii, the Pali Hawaii Jesus Buckle Sandal is another great footwear option if you plan on having rugged sandals on your feet. Extra durable and comfortable, the Hawaii Jesus Buckel Sandal is a great choice if you plan on walking for hours and you don’t want your feet to be sore.

It may look like it is made of leather, but in reality, it is made of rubber material. It makes use of adjustable buckle which gives the user comfort when using the Hawaii Jesus Buckel Sandal. This gives you the perfect fit just by adjusting its buckle straps.
One of the biggest problems of people with bunions, diabetes, or those suffering from arthritis is finding footwear that is wide enough for their feet, but at the same time offers sufficient amount of protection on the feet.

The Pali Hawaii Jesus Buckel Sandal meets all the requirements of people with special needs on their feet. This is the perfect sandals were designed intentionally to be wide in order to cater to these situations. It has been used comfortably especially by elderly who typically suffer from these scenarios.

A common problem among sandals is that it doesn’t really last for a very long time. This isn’t the case with the Pali Hawaii Jesus Buckle Sandals. You can expect that the sandals are thick. It is around an inch thick and could definitely give you a decent mileage without showing signs of wear and tear. In addition to this, it can serve your feet well as it absorbs the impact of long hours of walking.

One of the things that made the Pali Hawaii Jesus Buckle Sandals popular is the leather look that it provides, despite being made of all rubber with the exception of the buckle strap. It makes it easier for the user to maintain the cleanliness of the sandals especially in an event that it gets dirty from long hours of walking and running around.

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3. Surfer Brown Pali Hawaii Sandal Review
If you are about the hang loose lifestyle, the Surfer Brown Pali Hawaii Sandal is the right fit for you. The Surfer Brown Pali Hawaii Sandals is a stand out because it represents what Pali is about as a brand. This footwear is stylish and perfect for the beach and even for other occasions.

This footwear makes a good option for you if you are looking for both comfort and ergonomics. It offers both the looks and functionality that you don’t usually get from other sandals in the market.

For starters, it has the look that can be paired with your board shorts and tank top. It is the perfect footwear that you can use whether it’s a day on the beach, or during your typical summer day. It is the sandals that can give you the opportunity to look like a true blue surfer or beach bum.

It also offers superb comfort if walking for hours is part of your agenda. It has cushion perfect for those who plan to take a stroll by the beach or any surface for that matter. It has a supportive footbed that lessens the stress on your feet even for long hours of walking. Not only does it have the ability to relax your feet, but can even be less strenuous to the knees and lower back.

It is a good option not only for the young and hip but even for those who simply love a comfortable footwear that they can bring to the beach to walk into.

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